Business lines

Real estate

Over the years, Feidos has succesfully carried out complex real estate investments mainly in the residential sector, thanks to the competent strategic vision of the market and the deep knowledge of the underlying financial vehicles.

Flagship projects > Fondo Beta, Prelios, Feidos 11, IDeA FIMIT SGR, Fondo Omicron PLUS, Fondo Trophy VALUE ADDED, ZERO6, Fondo Pitagora.

Leisure – Hospitality

Since its first years of activity, Feidos has dedicated a particular focus to the Hospitality and Leisure real estate sectors, seizing in advance the tourism and luxury potentials for growth, and profiling them financially as strategic poles of attraction for international capitals.

Flagship projects > Terme di Saturnia SPA & Golf Resort, Hotel Vilon, Forte Village, L&L Luxury-Martis Hotel.


The NPLs market is a constantly growing sector in which Feidos has always been a top player, creating high value deals for its customers thanks to its skilled team in financial analysis and assets requalification.

Flagship projects > Vintage, FARE NPL SPV, Eclipse 1, De Rossi, Trecento Immobiliare.

Senior living

Combining its know-how in sales and real estate redevelopment with management skills specific to support Silver Age services and Residential Care Homes, Feidos has successfully launched a business line for the Senior Living sector.

Projects in progress > Alberico, Fornaci.

Green Energy

Feidos has also carried out prestigious projects in the field of Green Energy, acquiring specific technical skills in the field of solar energy.

Flagship projects > Fondo Copernico, BYOM.