Feidos, εἶδος, ιδέα

The company was founded in 2006 under the name of Feidos Real Estate Partners, as Advisor and Co-Investor from an initiative of a pool of partners led by Massimo Caputi.

Today Feidos plays the role of deal maker in the real estate finance and asset management market, particularly in the sectors of residential real estate, senior living, leisure-hospitality, non-performing loans (NPL), promoting and coordinating the interests of all stakeholders  through all the project phases until closing.

The evidence of our experience is in our successful case-history, such as the Beta RE Fund Advisory project, the investment in FIMIT SGR shares concluded with the merger by incorporation of FARE (controlled by the De Agostini Group), or the Advisory to the Omicron RE Fund and the Prelios asset consolidation and business re-engineering carried out through the Feidos 11 financial vehicle and the top management designation.

What we offer

  • Support to financial Institutions, private investors, banks
  • Promotion and structuring of complex investments
  • Co-investment with our partners with Club Deal perspective

How we roll

  • Flexible, integrated, dynamic models
  • Transparent partnership approach
  • Market knowledge
  • Agile deal execution
  • Highy skilled team
  • International business networking